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Raging Hormones Part 1

It’s spring which is generally breeding season for most parrots.  There are some exceptions that bred all year long or in the winter only, but the majority of birds are starting now.  Just because your bird doesn’t have a mate, does not mean it is exempt from the hormonal changes this time of year brings.  […]

The Battle Of The Sexes

Boys are better talkers than girls. Girls are sweeter than boys. Birds are attracted to the opposite sex in humans. Tight pelvic bones signifies a boy. Girls heads are smaller than boys. Girls coloration is not as pretty as boys. Boys are bigger. I think that covers most of what we hear on a constant […]

Helping you understand our feathered friends

From 1982 to 1988, 1.8 million birds were imported into the United States.  In 1992 the importation of parrots without a permit was banned.  Overcrowding of containers, starvation, and disease lead to a high morality rate.  Of those that survived, they were wild caught  and only the strongest made it.  It has helped lead to […]

Fingers in bird cages

Every day without fail, we have people putting their fingers into cages to pet the birds. We always politely ask them not to do so, and have signs requesting the same, but no one seems to want to listen.  Unfortunately, we have to get on them about it, and many times stop what we are […]

Should you clip your bird’s wings?

There appears to be some controversy in the avian community about letting a bird fly or clipping it’s wings.  Unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer.  I personally believe in clipping even though I have a bird that can fly.  The sole reason I have left his wings alone is curiosity.  You see he […]

Is it a good idea to give someone a bird as a present?

Today is my birthday.   It is also the very first time I ever wrote a blog.  As I was contemplating what to write, it clearly came to me.  Is it a good idea to give someone a bird as a present?  With the holidays fast approaching,  I thought this would be very timely. Unfortunately, […]