On Food

In the wild, a bird spends the majority of its’ time searching for food. In their quest, they cover miles and eat a variety of different food items, instinctively covering their nutritional requirements. Unfortunately, they are unable to convey these requirements to us and are basically at our mercy to give them what they need.

Blue_and_Gold_MacawOn Their Environment

Cages, Perches & Toys

One of the most important purchases after your bird is the cage. As a general rule, bigger is better. A Powder Coated cage should be used. No rust or peeling paint should be present. A dome top or playpen can be provided though personally, I am a big advocate of dome cages. It is my belief that a bird should have as must interior room as possible. Once you add toys, the living space quickly disappears. Some people like to let their birds on top of the cage and prefer the play pen. In some species of bird, being on top of the cage could lead to a dominant attitude. I strongly recommend against it in the case of an already nippy bird or one that has tendencies to become that way if not properly handled.


Signs of Stress

Many of our feathered friends are under stress and giving subtle clues without us being aware of it. Stress could lead to many behavior problems as well as illnesses.
It is therefore important to notice what is going on with your parrot and take steps to reduce if not eliminate the stressors in its life.


Why does my bird…

1) Grind its beak? It is happy and/or is conditioning its’ beak.
2) Yell when I leave the room? It is making sure you are okay.
3) Stretch when I enter the room? It is happy to see you.
4) Put its beak on me when stepping up? To make sure its perch is steady.
5) Constantly pick it itself? It is either grooming or feather picking.


Birds needs consistency. Try to fed them around the same time every day, and get them out of the cages using that idea.

If your bird does not go to the bottom of their cage, cover it with newspaper. It makes cleaning the grating a breeze. If they do go down, that option is not available because they may eat their droppings which could result in a bacterial infection.

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