Bird Basics: Signs to look for

SenegalSigns of Stress

Many of our feathered friends are under stress and giving subtle clues without us being aware of it. Stress could lead to many behavior problems as well as illnesses.
It is therefore important to notice what is going on with your parrot and take steps to reduce if not eliminate the stressors in its life.

Signs to look for include:

1) Sleeping excessively.
2) Vocalizing more than normal.
3) Showing fear behaviors such as cowering, biting, flying away, and glaring.
4) Repetitive movements such as cage dancing and constant bopping.
5) Sitting fluffy and/or depressed.
6) Biting
7) Sudden thrashing around the cage.
8) Plucking or chewing on its feathers.
9) Not eating well or eating too much.
10) Change in droppings.

Please note that if a bird is showing any of the above signs, they could be sick and requiring a Veterinarian’s care. Do not assume your bird is stressed as many of these signs also indicate a sick bird.