Bird Basics: Why does my bird…

Grind its beak? It is happy and/or is conditioning its’ beak.
Yell when I leave the room? It is making sure you are okay.
Stretch when I enter the room? It is happy to see you.
Put its beak on me when stepping up? To make sure its perch is steady.
Constantly pick it itself? It is either grooming or feather picking.
Rub its beak on the cage? To clean it off or get your attention.
Bite me? To show dominance, express displeasure, get a certain reaction, protect you from an intruder, or is showing fear.
Play with my fingernail? A feather’s growth is propelled by blood and nerves. The feather is wrapped in Keratin to protect it while it is growing. Once the feather no longer needs protection, the Keratin dries up and cracks. A bird must break it up and take it off to release the new feather. This Keratin is made of the same material as our fingernail. When a bird picks at your fingernail, it is simply trying to help you get out your new feather.
Scream so much? Most of the time a bird that yells has been improperly trained. Many new owners spend a lot of time with their new friend, often ignoring their old routines to do so. Six months later, as the owner goes back to their routine, the bird is no longer given the attention they once were. Not understanding this, the bird screams to get attention. Most times the owner will go over to tell the bird to be quiet. This action gives the bird the attention it craves, even if it is negative. When a customer buys a bird from us, we always give them a golden rule. Spend as much time with the bird from the very beginning as you would do six months down the line.
Jump off the stand? Chances are your bird wants to be with you. Most times we want to keep them out of their cage but don’t have the time to hold them. I do the three times your out rule. I will put them back on the perch three times. On the fourth time, the bird gets put back it the cage. You must be consistent with this behavior or you will confuse your bird. Don’t hold it some of the time and not other times.
Sleep or stand on one foot? If it seems to be in pain, it could have hurt its foot. Chances are good that it didn’t. That is generally a sign of good health.
Need a cage? It likes wood and could get into yours. It could also get into some electrical wires.
Destroy its toys? That is how a bird plays. Most of them will make toothpicks out of their wood toys.
Hang from the top of its cage by one toe? It is playing.
Only eat certain things? Your bird has likes and dislikes in food and treats. Sometimes you must try a variety of items to find a nutritious diet. Other times, the shape, size and cut of fruit and vegetables will determine if your bird eats it. Keep experimenting with not only different food items, but the way it is presented as well.
Give me a hard time coming out of the cage? Some like to come out only when they are ready or even prefer to stay in. If you want them out and they do not want to come, you can gently take them out with a towel. Please ask a sales associate for more clarification.
Attack me when my husband/wife comes in the room? Your parrot perceives you as its mate and is trying to warn you away from a perceived threat.