All boarders are treated as guests. They are given clean cages of appropriate size, with toys to keep them busy. They are fed twice a day, with fresh water given both times. They are held, if not flighted, and given attention several times a day. If allowed, we pet and love on them as if they were our own. They like us so much that we are told they are not only happy, and healthy when they go home, but talking and saying new words! At A Parrots Cove, our main importance is the health and happiness of your bird while with us. They are checked daily for any signs of illness and placed on medicine if an issue occurs. We check to make sure they are eating, entice them with goodies if they are not and weigh them to ensure their weight is stable. Being bird experts, you could rest assured that they are in capable hands.

Food fed: Zupreem, Roudybush, and Pretty Bird pellets and/or a sunflower or safflower seed mix. Any other food must be supplied by the owner.

Please call and book in advance. During the summer and holiday weeks we do fill up. If you come in without a reservation, we cannot guarantee room.
Rates: Small birds $12.00 per night
Med and Large birds $15.00 per night
Holiday weeks must be prepaid in advance. No refunds given for cancellations or shortened stays.

For the health and safety of all birds at the facility, we do not accept parakeets or lovebirds for boarding.

If your bird is shy, we strongly encourage you to bring it’s favorite toy or hidaway. We aim to keep them happy !


Is done daily up to a half hour before closing every day.
All birds are restrained to ensure no one gets hurt during the grooming process. Please make sure your birds are brought in carriers. A spooked bird can easily fly and get hurt!

We groom both wings unless another cut is requested. Both wings and nails are included in our price. We do not do beaks unless absolutely necessary. Beaks are additional. Please call for further information.

Consignment and Rehoming

Please call for further information.

Call Us:

a parrots cove: 281-469-5455